Rates And Fees

Having a Chase credit card will allow you access to a world-class bank and enable you to deal with financial emergencies when you need them. We at Chase have a wide variety of credit cards, so you will be able to choose the one that fits your needs best. There are many different types of credit cards from which you can choose the card that is right for you. When you own a Chase credit card, you are able to shop, book travel, or shop online at any major retailer anywhere in the world.


Compared to Sapphire Reserve which comes with an annual fee of $550, Sapphire Preferred has a lower annual fee of around $95 which makes it more affordable. The preferred card fee is easy to recoup each day through rewards spending that is easily recouped by the cardholder. The $95 fee can be offset if you only spend $132 per month on your 3X tiers. However, if you travel frequently, you can spend as little as $80 a month at your 5X level to cover expenses.

Details About Rates And Fees

Unlike other cards that charge 3% per international transaction, this card does not charge international transaction fees for purchases outside the United States. This means you don’t have to keep using your Sapphire Preferred card if you shop abroad and you need to make those purchases.


Travel-centric credit cards offer 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers, but not on purchases and balance transfers. The variable APR from 16.24% to 23.244% is still a little lower than the average credit card rate when you have a balance on your card, whether or not you have a balance on your card.

There are a lot of credit cards that offer introductory APR periods, which may be of interest to you if you are looking for the best card to use for cash transfers and the best interest-free credit cards.