By purchasing a credit card with a rewards program, you can earn Ultimate Rewards points. By using your Chase Card, you earn Ultimate Rewards points on all your purchases. This does not apply to debits that are later reversed. Chase will deduct any points you receive for that purchase if the retailer refunds or disputes the charge to your Chase credit card.


When it comes to activating your Chase credit card, there are two simple ways to do it: by telephone or by using the internet. Regardless of the method of payment, you must verify your identity and provide your credit card number to do so.

Detailed Information About Rewards

How To Earn Rewards?

In addition, Chase’s online shopping portal, Shop through Chase, allows you to earn bonus points at online retailers when shopping on Chase. The path to the shopping portal is as simple as the following steps.

  • Log in to the Ultimate Rewards website
  • Click “Earn/Use” to open the menu
  • Click Collect Bonus Points
  • Click on an available retailer to view this offer
  • On that retailer’s Chase page, click Buy Now to visit the retailer’s website and make your purchase

How To Redeem Ultimate Rewards Points?

To redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points:

  • Log in to the Ultimate Rewards website
  • Click “Earn/Use” to open the menu
  • Click on how you would like to use your points and proceed with the redemption process
  • The exact process depends on the trade you choose, but Chase tries to keep everything easy to understand.

There are a variety of redemption options to choose from, and some offer substantially greater value than others. The best use of a Chase travel card is to book travel rather than just use it for shopping. If you have one, you should definitely use it to book travel.